Line maintenance

Asestair is approved as a Part 145 maintenance organization (ES.145.242), which means it is capable of multitasking, always according to the standards set by the competent authority.

Concerning aircraft maintenance, Asestair is approved to perform line maintenance of the following fleets:

  • Embraer 120 (PW118 Series)
  • ATR 42 Series (PW 120 Series)
  • ATR 72 Series (PW 120 Series)




In addition to the line maintenance, Asestair is characterized by the repair and operational testing in avionic systems. The main ones are the following:


    Pitot­ static system test of all kind of fleets. Since it has Air Data Test it can perform “Test

    recertification and leak test.”

  • Transponder system test of all types of fleet.
  • ELT operational test and battery change (Artex, Kannad, etc)

Finally, also it has the capability to carry out boroscopies of Pratt & Whitney PW 100 Series engines.